Power of Songs in Learning foreigns languages

I’m sure that you used to listen many kind of music. To enjoy yourself, to dance and so on. One thing that you may know is that music could be a way of learning .

Here are some important details that you could find in music

– Quotes

-Life lessons

-New words

Here music does things that you know already. Though if you’re a native speaker  of an area and you want to speak another era language, you must learn it at school, but there’s another way to be very good in the language that you learn:MUSIC. 

If you’ve problems to learn lessons of another languages,  don’t worry listen to their music (I think it’s more interesting) and if you know some, choose those that you prefer and listen , try to get distinctly the words they use. If you can’t get them all or nothing, just keep on.

Be sure, that you’ll familiarize with the pronounciation, the words, and all characteristics used in the language.

I’m an example of that experience. I’m an Ivorian and speak French as Official language, daily.


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